Medical Equipments

LED X-Ray Viewers:

This is a high quality LED Based X-Ray Viewer which has uniform illumination and comes with a dimmer. It is available in Single(14" X 17"), Double(28" X 17"), Triple(42" X 17") and Dental sizes. We can also customize the size of the view area as per requirement.

Wireless Nurse Calling System:

This is an excellent  product for hospitals/clinics where a call system is required. Simple to use and ready to install. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use it. Can be customized to display the no of rooms as required. Range is upto 150 Feet

This can have option for Reset at Nurse Calling Station or Reset at Room. For the latter option, a wall unit is provided which has Call Button and Reset Button along with a hanging cord with a push Call button which can be kept next to the patient's bed.

Call option can be either through wireless remotes (which can also be wall mounted) or through the wall unit boxes as required by customer. This is a hassle free product which reduces the complexity of wiring and is a plug and play system.

Wireless Token Display System:

This is a product specially for OPD purpose where there are patients waiting to see the doctor. Each patient can be given a token number. The doctor's desk will have a keypad which has facility to enter random numbers or call token numbers using 'Next' and "previous' buttons. A large display outside will display these numbers with a ding dong sound. This is a hassle free system and no wiring is required.